How we started


Corellian was imagined by two friends during their study at Eindhoven University of Engineering, Mark Tullemans and Sander Kemna. As car lovers and racing enthusiast it felt natural to bring technology from the racing world into the real world. Not to make cars faster, but more efficient and eco friendly. A simple ambition to make everyones day cleaner and healthier.

Why Corellian?


For more than a century the automobile has helped drive industrial economies around the world, provided freedom of mobility to billions and transformed modern society. But its success in the 20th century came at a cost: a rising number of accidents, traffic congestion, CO2 emissions and oil dependency.

Our challenge is to reduce and eventually eliminate these negative consequences while bringing clean and efficient transportation to people around the world.

By replacing old 'Grey' vehicles for new 'Green' ones, it will take decades to turn the one billion cars in the world 'Green'. Sustainable mobility is achieved quicker by 'greenifying' existing vehicles, in a way that is affordable for the many people.


This is the goal of Corellian:

"To create sustainable mobility for the many people."

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